What can FERARIHS do for you?

FERARIHS carries out research and strategic planning for you, provides epidemiological know how and carries out context analyses.

How can FERARIHS assist you?

FERARIHS can offer advise on human resources, management, program development, evaluation and basic research.

Which are the most innovative services of FERARIHS?

FERARIHS stimulates novel processes of self-directed learning in individuals, groups and organizations.


Portfolio Field of Activity 1:

Strategic Development analyses and research

  • Studies pertaining to lifestyle, Mental Health and pharmaco-epidemiology
  • Evidence based review and planning of strategic policy
  • Prevention research in substance misuse and dependency
  • Conception, realization, and analysis of research projects
  • Appraisal of context development
  • Needs assessment and evaluation.

Portfolio Field of Activity 2:

Support of Translational Research

  • Meta-analyses of research literature
  • Conception, management, editing, and writing of publications
  • German, English, French, and Spanish translations
  • Organization of scientific workshops and meetings
  • Establishment of knowledge exchange networks.

Portfolio Field of Activity 3:

Training and continuous education

  • Gender equality
  • Public Health issues
  • Psychological topics
  • Intercultural communication.

Portfolio Field of Activity 4:

Coaching of individual persons and groups

  • Study and career planning
  • Professional re-orientation
  • Personal problems
  • Lifestyle
  • Third Age.

Portfolio Field of Activity 5:

Development cooperation

  • Implementation and support of projects in countries of the south and of the east
  • Establish research laboratories for nutrition and feedstuffs
  • Quality assurance and expertise
  • Training and coaching of collaborators.

Contractual agreements:

FERARIHS facilitates flexible business interactions.

Remuneration is based on contractual agreements
customary in the particular branch of trade.